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Direct Response is one of my favorite forms of marketing because, when done well,  it’s an extremely personal communications format. (That’s why it works!)

At MBNA I wrote hundreds of direct mail packages selling affinity credit cards to a wide range of customers from antique car enthusiasts to certified public accountants. My assignments included infomercials as well as direct response mailings, ads and collateral. It was great fun and apparently highly effective since MBNA was one of the most profitable credit card companies in the nation. And because this was affinity marketing, I learned how to write in many different voices to sell basically the same product. So I can write in the voice of a utility company one day and take a humorous tone for a pet product project the next—and sound authentic for both.

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Direct Mail Solicitation, SunTrust envelope Statement insert Self mailer
Direct Mail Solicitation
Statement Insert
MBNA Comic

NIC Post Card Business to business solicitation letter Solicitation post card
NIC Post Card

Business-to-Business Solicitation Letter
MB Treasury Management

Solicitation Post Card
MB Prepaid Card



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