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Resumes and Cover letters = $500

I can write the resume based on previous resumes and interview with candidate and job description,


I can coach the candidate on how to decipher a job description, create a reusable template, customize and write the resume and cover letter and edit the final version for one job application.

LinkedIn Profile – new or updated profile = $400

Advice on how to create a brand and voice appropriate to the target audience and compatible with your resume. Service provided over three one-hour weekly sessions. First 60-minute meeting will analyze your current profile and note what has to be changed or/and created. Second 60-minute meeting will review changes client has made to profile and fine-tune them. Third and last session will cover how to solicit testimonials and improve SEO of profile.

Setting a New Direction –
An Action Plan for Getting Interviews with Ideal Employers = $400

Two 90-minute face-to-face conversations

Review and assess candidate’s current resume, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page
Help client define:

  • Preferences for assignments, type of company, industry, level of employment
  • Their strengths
  • Their challenges
  • Their priorities (salary, benefits, growth opportunities, environment/culture, location)
  • What they will NOT do!

Based on these elements – client will create a description of the ideal work place
Guide a client in the development of a list of companies in keeping with these criteria and apply for informational interviews.

Preparation for interviews = $300

Two 60-minute face-to-face sessions

Personal copy of book on interviewing, Boost Your Interview IQ, by Carole Martin

Help client to:
- Develop answers to behavioral questions based on company culture, products, services, etc.
- Anticipate problem areas and prepare answers to difficult questions
- Role play
- Develop interview wardrobe

Monthly Coaching
(after initial Free introductory discussion and resume writing services described above)
90-minute monthly meeting = $200

Covers resumes, interviewing, building a network and personal brand, etc.

Individual hourly rate - $150

Group presentations - $350 for 90 minutes


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