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ACD/Writer Consultant
Laurence Minsky Creative Services

“I wish I could write like Wendy, especially her long copy. It always seems so natural, gets in the right sales points, and is simply fun to read. Plus, she is always motivated, upbeat, ready to take on new challenges, does her research, and completes the work when promised. Therefore, I can truly recommend Wendy for any type of writing assignment.”

Larry Minsky , Principal, Laurence Minsky Creative Services
Managed Wendy at Laurence Minsky Creative Services

Wendy Lalli, Ltd.

“Wendy was a pleasure to work with for many reasons: she has an engaging writing style that is both easy to read and informative; she is a strong interviewer who puts the interview subject at ease; and she never missed a deadline. For these reasons, I chose to work with Wendy over and over again -- and will continue to do so.”

Stephanie Blaser
Hired Wendy as a Writer/Editor in 2005, and hired Wendy more than once

“BioSpace hired Wendy to write a series of articles for our bi-monthly Inside Recruiter eNewsletter. She is given a topic and runs with it. She is very thorough in her research and looking for different angles of presenting new ideas for very common topics. Her articles are ALWAYS the most read feature of the newsletter. I would recommend Wendy for any type of writing assignment, she is a true professional who gets the job done well, on-time and within budget.”

Beth Dwyer
Hired Wendy as a Writer/Editor in 2008

Senior Writer
Hamilton Communications

“Wendy really cares about doing great work and knows that working as a team is the best way to do that. A talented copy writer, she also has a good visual sense and appreciates how important it is to develop creativity based on well-researched strategy. She is always open to new ideas no matter where they come from and supports the goals of team members with as much enthusiasm as her own. She also loves mentoring people whatever their function or title. For her, learning is a continuous activity, so is sharing your knowledge and listening to others.”

Vicky Thompson, Sr Print production Manager, Hamilton Communications
Worked directly with Wendy at Hamilton Communications

“Wendy is a superb copywriter and teacher. Her knowledge and experience in the industry are unmatched and she's one of the most unselfish, dedicated team players that I've ever had the privilege of working with.”

Timothy Weaver, Intern, Hamilton Communications
Worked directly with Wendy at Hamilton Communications

 “Wendy is one of those writers who just gets it. She has a unique way of getting to the heart of the matter and not just writing down facts, but sharing her insights. Wendy is dedicated to her craft and enjoys working with others. In other words, she is a real joy to be around. Truly a lovely person. If you're looking for a writer who can capture an audience's attention and hold it until the selling is done, you've come to the right lady.”

Steve Dusenberry, Executive Creative Director, Hamilton Communications
Managed Wendy at Hamilton Communications

Sr. Copy Supervisor

“It was my pleasure to work with Wendy at Umarketing. As my Senior Copy Supervisor Wendy worked on and was responsible for all the copy assignments for our clients. Wendy always gave our clients unique creative, and solid solutions to their direct marketing projects. She has always been a tireless contributor and a very good manager. During our transition from Lanyap to Umarketing Wendy led the naming process of our new organization and was the one who won the approval of the entire senior staff. It was Wendy who named Umarketing and wrote and concepted the UMarketing web site. (Which I might add was no easy task.) She is and will always be a total professional.”

Richard Koranda, VP Executive Creative Director, UMarketing
Managed Wendy at Umarketing

Resume | Client List | Testimonials



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